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Terms of Service
This Care Free Plan, provided by Uniters, is a Service Contract between you, the original purchaser and consumer, and Uniters, the administrator and provider of the Care Free Plan.
  • If a stain, damage, or defect listed in the “Covered” section of the full terms and conditions occurs during the term of the Care Free Plan, Uniters agrees to provide Service (“Service”) as outlined in the “Covered” section of the full terms and conditions.
  • The Care Free Plan is valid for new furniture purchased at the same time as the Care Free Plan, and appears on the sales receipt as such. It is valid for five (5) years (ten (10) years for adjustable beds) from the delivery date of your new furniture. It is not renewable and is non-transferable.
  • This Care Free Plan is not a cleaning or maintenance contract, insurance policy, or your original Living Spaces warranty. It covers accidental damage from normal household use, as listed in the “Covered” section of the full terms and conditions.
Coverage Summary
Terms of Coverage
5 Years
10 Years
Fabric, Leather, Vinyl, Wood, Glass, Laminates, Metal & Stone
Outdoor including Umbrellas
Adjustable Bed

All accidental stains


Accidental rips, tears, punctures


Accidental burns or heat marks


Nail polish


Water and beverage marks or rings


Accidental scratch, gouge, chip, or dent that penetrates the top coat of hard surface finish


Accidental damage to fringe

Structural Failures

A structural or component failure due to a defect in materials and workmanship


Breakage of frames, glass, mirrors, mechanisms, welds, swivel bases, recliner handles and assembled joints


Component mechanical and electrical failures such as defective motors, massagers, vibrating units and heaters


Seam and stitching separation


Zippers, buttons and tufted buttons


Loss of silvering



Adjustable Bed Structural Failures

Breakage of mechanisms including sleeper mechanisms, reclinging mechanisms, heating and vibrating mechanisms


Breakage of steel frames


Breakage of welds


Failure of integral electrical components including wiring, motors and remote control devices

Requesting Service
The furniture must have been soil free and damage free at the time you received it. You must have performed all routine and preventative maintenance, as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Any stain, damage, or defect must be reported to Uniters within thirty (30) days of the date that the stain, damage, or defect is discovered.
  • Notify Uniters by:
Failure to meet any of the above requirements can result in a denial of Service under this Care Free Plan.
Win Win
You win if you use the service and you win if you don’t.
When you purchase a Care Free Plan, provided by Uniters, you will also receive a “Win Win” certificate. If you do not use the service during the lifetime of the coverage, you will receive a store credit equal to the purchase price of the Care Free Plan. You may apply that certificate to another home furnishings purchase at Living Spaces within 60 days of the end of coverage. See your “Win Win” certificate for complete terms and conditions.