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About Counter Stools
If you purchased a home with a counter or even if you’ve just decided to get a counter table, you may find yourself without the right kind of seating arrangement. After all, tables are fairly universal; counters are far less common.
We have plenty of counter stools to choose from; although most of these probably aren’t the kind of stools you’re accustomed to. Most of our counter stools look and function more like chairs, as they have backs and cushions but legs that have been stretched a bit higher. Some have slatted backs while others are upholstered on both the back and the seat. These aren’t barstools, in other words. They’re for sliding up to your countertop for breakfast or your counter table for dinner.
So if you’re looking for a whole counter table set, be sure you look at the listings above. Many of them are part of a matching ensemble, so setting up a whole kitchen or dining room is as easy as clicking your mouse.